Sébastien Weber

Industrial Designer

Design is life & stories you built!

Life is learning us Stories to build better Designs.

" If it is impossible, it means it is the Future! " – Ross Lovegroove, Industrial Designer.



Sebastien Weber

is a french Designer who's worked at the Technicolor Design Lab. as a Senior Industrial Designer with an opened mind & focused on human interactions.


With backgrounds in Sculpture & Industrial design, Sebastien moves between various fields to solve complex issues. He will find clever ideas, leveraging advanced design processes such as user experience while taking into account the project perimeter & the feasibility. Focused on the positive, able to create unique identities with advanced manufacturing, he will imagine you strong aesthetics. Always moving forward and ready to redefine the boundaries of his knowledge and art helped by a mix of freehand and digital tools.


Business integration

User Experience

Design Process

Disruptive Thinking


Collaborative work

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