eOs, As dawn in the Sky offer a new Light, a new perspective is offered to us.


The User Experience must be central in Design Thinking. Now, the Technology supports Humans everywhere.

Pure, Fluid & Transparent

are the 3 values communicated by Sky logo to their end-user.

These 3 values are our starting point to reinvent this product design approach.


NEW SHAPES. A new use, a new shape means a new start, a new hope. It’s a new emerging Trend with all the connected devices in your home. In my vision of Future, ‘‘Slim’’ trend should mean a product who disappears while ‘‘new shape’’ trend should be more & more integrated in home & linked with people. So basically, ‘’new shape’’ trend is made for Life. It also builds a good exposure & differentiation on your market. As Sunrise simulators who changed their ‘Alarm Clock’ market.


You can stimulate your customer by proposing him new things, new use.

You can be present & interact into the life of your customers.

(eOs, Greek goddess of dawn)

Sébastien Weber

Industrial Designer

Brand Identity, Analysis, Ideation

Thus, Where things happened?

Home is where you feel good.


It is the most beautiful, secure place  to create an Immersive Experience. It’s where people like express themselves, their creativity & emotions.

“Be yourself! Achieve to be better in your life & with the others.”


So, the “Inner Directed” social trend which comes from Post-materialism could be summarized by :


They are guided by or concerned with goals or ideals determined by oneself rather than by others; on this first step in order to enhance displaced persons' inner resources directed towards personal development.


They are nonconformist, honest.

Concept & Research


based on various hardware platforms


& Presence recognition

Optional NFC Device synchronization

Multi-colored Light



3D Definition, Feasibility, Artwork, CMF &

Feedback with Suppliers & Mechanical engineers


© Sébastien Weber - 2015