Liberty Global

Lo Lumy, Refinement, White & Luminous


The Lotus Flower Shape is the key, strong & beautiful signature expected by Liberty Global.

Home, Decorative & Highlighted

This is the expression of a mastered and domesticated technology.

The end-user will be proud to put it next to the TV or on this desk.



A domestic positioning has been the reference for this ID thinking as furniture, vase…

Power & Status LED on the top has been merged to simplify your communication behind a mirror lens allowing light to pass. The colors is linked with UI interface, Devices synchronization, persons @ home or just at your favorite Movie.

A dedicated pattern organizes the venting holes on the rear panel. .

Sébastien Weber

Industrial Designer

User Interactions

With 4K Video Solution


Your online activities come alive. The pulse & colors of light changes as you want when you buy your favorite movies or TV shows streamed instantly over the Internet or simply synchronize your devices datas, apps, home management...

Your online Activities

Streaming, Apps...

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