Sewing-machine Award, Luxury & Precious


"Make the difference & speak to our Customers. Find the key position on the European Market."  - Toyota Director

Differentiation & Identification




Aisin is an extraordinary and lovely sewing machine based on the idea of minimalism. This sewing machine is a beautiful amalgamation of retro design and minimalism, both of which were highly popular in Europe at a time that turned out to be a major idea in the creation of this interesting sewing machine



What’s unique

Though mixing both the concepts can turn out to be antagonist, but the designer used this antagonism as a source of inspiration to create Aisin. This sewing machine is absolutely made with patience after completing each and every step required for the research and analysis of this creative product



High Points

Aisin comes in three different designs, which have been designed especially for North, East and South European markets.


The machine launched for North European market is inspired by the surreal artistic movement.


The German and East European market sees a sewing machine, which takes its cue from the cubism.


On the other hand, the machine launched for the Italian and South European market is based on the futurism.

Sébastien Weber

Industrial Designer

© Sébastien Weber - 2015