Set-top Boxes

Vintage, Authentic, Emotional & Fashion


The Vintage Fashion is brought back into next Generations

Revived, Round & Retro

Neo retro trend is based on revival feeling & emotions.


How to give sense to a neutral product without specific use except deliver internet?


Unity & Refine characterizes this range consistency.

This design language  inspires user friendly, cocooning & deeper positive emotional response. It merges utility and beauty. The success is reused common codes. Spoken, known & accepted by the end-users such as 'old Coca cola' soda machines, TV, fridge, etc...from the 1950s & 1960s...

The products of this range have been enough flexible to be sold at different competitors on the same market.

Pure and Refine to be easily adopted by majority of people.



Feeling, Home Intergation & Enhancing


Scalable shape

Balance and flexibility in terms of technical features & requirements

Heat management


Finishes options

Client visual guidelines









Smaller Range

Slim v3 - Mountable behind a TV

Sébastien Weber

Industrial Designer

© Sébastien Weber - 2015